Health Insurance Prospects During Covid-19


HPeople have become well aware of healthy and safe measures to ward off infection. These measures include self- isolation and social distancing in the Covid-19 pandemic. Being healthy is as simple as getting the right amounts of exercise and sleep. It is as well as taking a balanced diet. But even these modest basic rules appear challenging at times. The current Coronavirus pandemic has grappled the nation and besieged as in lockdown. The Indian government is taking no chances to make sure that Covid-19 does not spread in India as it did in other countries. Social distancing and health insurance are significant words in these harrowing times.

During this chaotic time, the health-conscious generation is doing all the best they think they need to build immunity. From working out at home to meditating to going on morning walks-they find it to keep fit. They all work to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy, in case they may expose to an unexpected coincidence of getting infected. It has become unavoidable in the present adverse situation to encourage people to get a greater sense of control over their physical and financial health. It is here that health insurance plays a key role in medical contingencies to take care of increasing medical expenses. The world has witnessed dreaded viruses such as Ebola, Zika, Mers, Nipah in the preceding years. Now the list has added one more outbreak- Covid-19.

As this gruesome virus spreads around the world, the expenses associated with the testing and treatment for the virus are too demanding on patients who are either undernourished or uninsured. Hence the importance of being prepared in advance by ensuring oneself and one’s households with a protective all-inclusive health insurance policy. This will cover costs incurred by way of treatments for viral infections or any other ailments caught without warning.

At present people undertake various healthy and safe measures to avoid infection comprising self-isolation and social distancing. But this is no way out to ensure health security. People may face sudden health mishaps. Individuals related to them will also have to suffer. Policyholders want to know if their health is covered during hospitalization due to the Coronavirus. Corona infection will be treated like Pneumonia, Chikungunya, etc. We should understand that health insurance is important- a vital lesson from Covid-19. To sum up, health insurance coverage is so necessary for certain unforeseen situations.  


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