Role of Videos Streaming During Covid-19 Lockdown- From Investments to WFH to Entertainment


RAs per a report, online streaming videos are becoming a trend in the current situation. As lockdown progresses, approximately four hours of online videos are being watched across the world every day with the highest daily viewing in India daily for five hours and sixteen minutes. Now the markets have started crashing with declining economic activities due to the crisis of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 infection in India. With the result of that, plenty of people have started inquiring about how to invest in equities or equity-oriented mutual funds (MFs) to take advantage of investing in low markets. However, the dream of many to become first-time investors got ruined as they were not KYC-compliant to invest inequities.

At this crucial situation, video KYC came to the rescue of future investors as they became eligible to invest by verifying their identity through videos. Online services play a significant role in each organization. Hence the videos backed process helps organizations to facilitate working from home, and again the official meetings are conducted through video conferencing. In this lockdown period, video streaming helps to ward off boredom even though people remain locked down in their homes. As per the report from Limelight Networks Inc, “How Video is Changing the World” online video provides 93.8 percent of people to maintain their daily activities as this crisis forced them to work from a distance. For information, during this pandemic period, approximately 92 percent of people have watched speeches and press conferences stream live.

The online video helped 31 percent of the respondents in India to work from home for the first time by helping 23.3 percent of people by staying connected to colleagues. It also increases the work efficiency of people. Almost 50 percent of people work efficiently because of online videos. Online video is the best platform that enables a new form of interactive entertainment as people are quarantined in their homes. Most of the people depend on video streaming to do away with their time. Videos are not only useful for entertainment but also for people to maintain physical fitness during the lockdown by doing Yoga and other activities with 55 percent of people. While in the case of hospitality, several clinics have started meeting doctors virtually.


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