Combonation invites franchisees to join the expansion!

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Combonation invites franchisees to join the expansion!

January 23, 2023: Combonation has created an uproar in the Indian e-commerce segment since its inception as the first and only e-commerce platform which provides combo deals on various retail products. In a bold new move, the company has decided to adopt a franchise business model. With its various voucher combinations for various brands and retail, the company has taken the market by storm and has appealed to the Indian crowds. Customers have the freedom to choose from a wide range of beauty and wellness products, groceries,  home appliances, and many more categories while finding the right deals to suit their pockets. 

Although customer satisfaction is of the utmost priority, Combonation also keeps the franchise owners’ requirements in their vision. The company has decided to adopt the Franchise-Owned Company-Operated (FOCO) model of operations. In this model, Combonation allows the franchisee to oversee the business and finances, all the franchisor (i.e. Combonation) does is provide a lump sum to the former and oversee the business operations.  

Combonation allows all interested parties to place their bids and join their corporate family. For the company, they are accountable to all their stakeholders, from fellow franchisees to customers. They are willing to offer years of expertise, along with a top-notch team of enthusiasts and professionals. Joining the Combonation family brings a huge customer base to the business, as well as efficiency in terms of time and money. The franchises get the original products from the official retail stores, with no middlemen involved. 

As a franchisee, the business owner gets a guaranteed space at prime locations, as well as zero rental expenses. Combonation covers major financial requirements, such as electricity and water bills, other monthly charges and the salaries of the Combonation employees. The company also covers marketing expenses, including hoardings. There is a lot of flexibility with the business owners about how long they wish to stay as franchisees, all at the cost of a minimum investment of Rs. 50 lakhs.

Co-founder and CEO Pooja Sodhi states, “We wish to encourage new enthusiastic participants to join in the retail industry, while also keeping in mind that not everyone would like to join in by paying a hefty sum. All we require from a potential franchisee is a minimum investment of Rs. 50 lakhs, and we cover every operating expenses that turn up. Be it electricity and water charges to the rent for the retail space which will be in prime locations, we cover everything and also help the franchisee find a prime and profitable office space. We wish to help new retailers be a part of a huge chain of partners, and make their futures and present brighter than they imagined.”


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