3 Easy To Implement Steps In Branding amidst COVID-19


With the rising Covid-19 pandemic situation, the quarantine period has forced the closure of many brick and mortar businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, beauty salons, etc. . Millions of Americans who faced layoffs due to this outbreak filed for unemployment and the list keeps increasing. Expecting the global economy moving into recession, a virtual world can be a solution for the recent situation.

The key for struggling small business owners to mitigate the challenging time is online businesses as the consumers are still purchasing goods and services online rather than in person. An important matter to consider in an online business world is branding. You should think harder about creating a strong impact on customers through your branding. The first impression of customers for your business is directly linked to the company’s and a person’s reputation.

Branding is all about what distinguishes your company from other companies that offer similar kinds of products or services. And the company delivering the very best first impression wins the game. The brands having the first step into the digital world could try the three easy to implement practices to attract potential customers.

  • Give massive value upfront

A potential customer perceives you and your offering when they have trust in you and establish your company as an industry leader. This could be earned by giving a massive upfront value. It can be very simple as offering gifts like five-day challenges, e-books, or a 7-day free trial for your service, etc. in return of potential customer’s email address. After gaining email addresses you can have well-executed follow-up campaigns to make them paid clients.

  • Setting up a proper email signature

Adding website links, company tagline and a brief description of who you are, what you do along with a CTA for those who are ready to be your client can implement credible.  Seven to ten lines of these signatures have a huge impact on potential customers as it explains them about the value of your company, who you are and what you do. Also display the accuracy using hyperlinks to the articles, television appearances, and call to action to help increase the deals.

  • Position yourself effectively on Social Media

Social Media provides a great opportunity to drive prospective leads and traffic to your business funnel if used effectively. It helps in targeting the right people at the right platform, add value to them, and ultimately make them loyal customers. For this to happen position yourself as an expert. For example, polish your Instagram with a short brief description along with the brand’s values. Use cross-promotion opportunities by multiple tagging their accounts in your bio. To maximize leverage for new customers, listed contact information and website for them to mail if interested and it should be easily accessible.  This is a very crucial time for businesses to have a digital presence. It is imperative for business owners to realize how to generate income remotely. These tips used effectively can definitely improvise your online business journey whether you are a fresher or have an online presence for years.


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