4 P’s of customer service


Everyone is aware of the 4P’s of marketing-product, price, place and promotion.  But for customer service Forrester, a leading advisory firm has coined 4 different P’s.  They are as follows:

  1. Pain:  Customers want effortless, accurate, relevant, complete information to their questions at very first contact with their company. They want effortless services from the first touch point of the customer service organization.
  2. Personalization:  Customers want the interactions to be tailored as per the products o r services they have purchased and not want to engage into an interaction that fits all services.
  3. Productivity: Customer service organizations must strive to produce efficient and reliable customer experience as this the only service that can be delivered at a considerable cost.
  4. Proactivity:  Customers want their company to disclose all the issues related to the products or services they have purchased

4 P’s of Customer Service



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