5 Easy and Low Cost methods for B2B content marketing


Till this time, content marketing has remained a priority concern for marketers, next to social media marketing. Content Marketing Institute (CMI) usually conducts annual research on emerging/existing trends and the possible challenges in content marketing sector. Their annual report for the year 2013, ‘B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America’ highlights the complexity of producing enough content, as a biggest challenge in content marketing (for 2013).

Increased marketing budget, uncertainty in employing tactics, etc are some other challenges mentioned in CMI’s report, 2013. To beat these challenges, it is quite necessary to create quality content in a short span of time. B2B blog posts and website articles, the prime tactical tools used in content marketing, must be engaging and content rich also. Let us discuss on the 5 easy and low cost methods to achieve the purpose.

Encouraging SlideShare presentations

Content posted on SlideShare can easily gain audience attention. This will double page views and increase traffic than any content uploaded in You Tube or website portal. Including articles and blog spots in to presentations and publishing them on slideshare will be of great advantage. Content can be made interesting by putting in bullet points and by generating sub headings.

Video Presentations

Video presentations often catches the attention of a prospective customer rather than a text formatted message. Creating video presentations based on website articles opens an excellent way to engage with audience and savvy marketers. Then posting these videos to YouTube or SlideShare makes marketers get connected with a wider audience group.

Recording podcast

Recording articles in a podcast will make it more interesting. It is better to record a podcast, if the article covers any interviews of important personalities. This will result in a lively conversation to engage target audience.

Articles as the foundation for a white paper or report

A series of articles can form the basis of a white paper, ebook or report. Articles that contain blog spots related to the topic of white paper can be considered as a foundation (while creating white paper). Also these articles can be combined together to make an ebook or report.

Compiling recent articles to newsletter

By sharing your recent articles, it is quite possible to publish a news letter. Adding recent articles to blog can take the form of a digest as well. Digest contains the beginning of each article with a hyperlink to the full post.



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