5 most popular trends in digital marketing


The impact of internet and social media websites on consumer behavior is huge…..consumers now no longer seeks social media websites to just share and connect their lives with friends but also seek the that experience in purchasing and shopping.

Passionate in Marketing for its readers lists down the 5 trends in digital world that is shaping up the behavior of consumer.

1. Visual treat

The essence of “images speak more than words” is well imbibed by the digital marketers. The use of visual tools and aids is making a lot of difference in the behavior of the consumers. Infographics which has become a popular tool in digital marketing is used to convey information to consumers in picture format. Representing information in the form of images helps the consumers to understand the message.

2. New Aesthetic

New aesthetics means mixing of digital and real world. New aesthetics was popularized by the Sweet Shoppe of London. They installed a digital system during the design festival in London. The retailer gave the customers a new experience by taking the consumer to a 20 minute journey in the digital space that gave the experience of real shopping in their retail outlet.

3. Calm technology

It refers to cutting down of the high volume data on the digital space and presenting only the required information to the consumer, so that he/she can focus on the tasks they are involved in. The whole concept is to reduce the distraction for the consumers in the social media to enhance their online experience.


This is new method of market research, where the marketers make use of science and understand the cognitive response of the consumers to make them stick to their website and purchase the product or services in the site itself. The goal of neuromarketing is to blow out the minds of the consumers with products they actually strive for!! The satisfied customers become loyal consumers of the brand.

5. Singularity

This is all about game theory. Gamification will encourage the consumers involve in activities that can be used by many together. This gives the opportunity for the marketers to have more engaged consumers and create more brand narratives.



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