5 Small Business Marketing Trends for 2013


Today, the small business marketing is becoming more exhaustive and overwhelming day by day. The face of marketing changed a lot with the influence of email marketing, ecommerce, search engine optimization, and social media. The two trends that run through the marketing types are creating excellent content and mobile optimization. Exceptionally, the biggest trends of this year are the Mobile phones. This has been used in various aspects of the online marketing. The five top trends of small business marketing for the year of 2013 are as follows:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content promotion: the new SEO
  • Personalize Ecommerce Marketing
  • Importance of Social Advertising

1. Mobile Marketing

Today, in the world the word ‘mobile phone’ is perhaps heard more than we hear our names. The role of mobile phones has grown in stature. It is thus better for the small business owners to focus more on the mobile marketing. They would have to focus on more mobile apps, mobile sites, and mobile commerce. For businesses, mobile marketing is an excellent option to start with. By this they will be connected to their customers better. Mobile applications can be used to publish events, news etc to many online channels like websites, social media and local directories. Mobile phones are a major source to find potent customers. All the small businesses should possess a web presence as most of the customers go online with the mobile phones. 

2. Email marketing and Mobile optimization 

The small marketing strategies should pay more attention on email communications. It is better to optimize email for the mobile subscribers. The small businesses should change the traditional email marketing to mobile optimized email marketing. The challenge here is to have the email rendered correctly on the mobile phone. 

3. Content promotion: the new SEO

Another important trend this year is the search engine optimization. The small businesses should be able to produce website content of good quality and promote it by using the social media. Earlier there was only the need of creating a webpage and doing occasional updates in it to have an online presence. Now it is necessary to put the seventy percent of our effort in it for the offline promotion.

4. Personalize Ecommerce Marketing

Personalization is the hot trend in Ecommerce marketing of this year. Customers love member based programs and daily deals. Small businesses should pay more attention in packaging and branding of the items. This will render a customized feeling to the customers.

5. Importance of Social Advertising

Social Advertising has been a great marketing trend this year. Advertising on Twitter and Facebook can gain a huge audience. So it is a better option for the small businesses to concentrate more on social media for advertising.







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