5 ways Travel & Tourism marketers are redesigning their future marketing strategy amidst the pandemic


The industry which faced the biggest disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic is the travel and tourism industry. The disease outbreak had led to travel ban to countries and within countries across the globe. Now that many nations and organizations are easing the restrictions, it is high time that travel marketers start formulating strategies for recovering from the havoc the pandemic had done on the travel industry.

Travel industry had witnessed a huge boom in business in the recent years until the downturn caused by the pandemic. Here are the 5 ways travel marketers are preparing for recovery:

  1. Building a good brand image

This may not be the right time to pushing out messages to prospective customers to buy your travel services. Rather than marketing about your services, communicating the importance of safety and suggesting ways of traveling safely will improve brand image.

  • Personalizing services to travelers

For most travelers the motivating factor that drives them to travel is passion. By understanding customers wants such as what food they love, what type of adventures they like, the places they would like to visit, will help the marketers to bring to them personalized services.

  • Providing expert advice and recommendations

In this time of crisis, what customers need the most are expert advices and recommendations as travelers may be in confusions on planning their travel with restrictions by governments still in place. Providing customers with expert advice on planning their travel will help build good customer relations.

  • Creating inspiration to travel

In spite of the lockdowns and social distancing measures, searches on travel, summer vacation and travel blog visits has increased. Creating engaging contents online by travel companies could create inspiration to travel. It would be a good strategy to utilize this pent-up demand once the restrictions to travel are eased or lifted.

  • Safety first

Once the lockdowns are lifted travelers will prefer safety over anything while travel. If your brand succeed in communicating safety measure and reassuring your customer of the safety and sanitization arrangements, the travelers will most likely stick to your company.


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