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Who are marketers?? well, theoretically sales men and marketers are those who promote and sell products or services that deliver value to customers appointed by management. Just imagine what if we, the consumers become marketers and sales men of products we consume? Well, just wait for few months and you will start getting calls from the market leaders asking “sir/madam do you prefer to join our marketing and sales community?’

Philippine based consumer and healthcare products maker, International Pharmaceutical Inc. (IPI)  is going to include large communities in marketing and distribution of their wide array of health care and consumer products. They not only involve their customers to market their products but also will make a significant difference in their daily incomes!!

Yes you read it right. What an idea sirjii!!!They will give incentives to the consumers engaging in their sales and marketing activities. This will be the main aspect for attracting customers to be the frontline people of the company. Soon we can hope our great market leaders also adopt the strategy. The chance of Indian firms involving customer in marketing products is high. This is because the idea will reduce a considerable amount of the cost spent in direct sales and marketing activities. This reason will make the giants in India thinking about making the concept a reality. And the probability of this idea to be successful in a multicultural bilingual society like India is 99.999999%!!!!

The strategy is that now companies do not think marketing different from their products, they are considering it as the product and they are using customers to promote product they consume in the market. Traditional push strategies are not enough to create brand value. The concept of sales and marketing community is all about pulling prospective consumers to a community by sharing feedback/review/information about products and services.

So if next time your phone rings and if it turned to be a marketing representative on the other end, don’t disconnect the call before they ask you “Sir/madam do you prefer to join our marketing community? And you are saying YES!!!

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