Accenture acquires avVenta Worldwide strengthens Digital Marketing Capabilities


On October 9, 2012 the world witnessed an acquisition. Accenture acquired avVenta worldwide and what was on everybody’s mind was why Accenture acquire it and will it help Accenture in offering better services. AvVenta is basically a provider of digital production services across multiple industries that constitutes of leading agencies and brands. As Accenture provides a wide range of marketing services to CMO’s, the experts believe that acquisition can definitely help in strengthening this action. This combination would defintely help clients manage content cost effectively and quickly.

The company is well known for its specialization in platform support, digital production and marketing operations for almost 130 of the world’s leading brands. It provides services to 500 companies in various industries such as energy, retail, financial services, pharmaceutical and so goes the list.

Brian Whipple, global managing director of Accenture Interactive, believes that everything is about relevancy, market and responsiveness. By this, CMO’s will be able to gain greater profits in their marketing investments.

In the future it can be seen that to the range of Accenture Interactive assets and liabilities, new launch services and product design, marketing service offerings, there will be an addition of avVenta’s digital production support capabilities as a part of the acquisition.

The next and common question that could rise in one’s mind would be what kind of a benefit will this acquisition provide? Well, here is the answer to that!

A powerful combination is formed through this acquisition with avVenta’s marketing services with Accenture’s global delivery capabilities. And through this venture, comprehensive marketing campaigns could be formed by the respective CMO’s as a creative production process is showcased from this combination.

You must have noticed that in 2012 a lot of progress and developments has been occurring in companies. They are seen to take in new strategies, new merges etc. All this happens as a process of sustaining themselves in the market with their reputation. And for this, Accenture stays o different. The world’s well known company with avVenta is in for an experiment, an experiment that could gain them something in return. Let’s wait and see how effectively the combination executes results in some time!




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