Adjavis Venture Ltd. launches Layer’r brand


May 20, 2013: Adjavis Venture Ltd. promoted by Mr. Devendra Patel who was the co-promoter of ParasPharma has launched its own brand of fragrance under the Layer’r brand. Layer’r will be initially launching only fragrance products and then would eventually be launching other skin and hair care products. Teaser campaign for Layer’r brand has already started going on air. Adjavis is aspiring to achieve double digit market share in the future in the Rs.3000 crore fragrance category alone. Layer’r products will be more for beautification and less for problem solving.

The elder brother of Devendra, Darshan Patel the promoter of Vini Cosmetics has already launched brands like White Tone and Fogg 18+ in this category. The Indian personal care market which is pegged at Rs.30,000 crore, off late has been witnessing the entry of a lot of new players giving rise to intense competition.

The Indian deodorant market is estimated to be Rs.1300 crore and skin care and hair care market are estimated to be Rs.6,250 crore and Rs.10,000 crore respectively. According to PwC, it is estimated that the deodorant market is the strongest category that is driving growth in the grooming category and this is largely attributed to the growing importance among men to look better.

After the launch of Layer’r deodorants the brand would be launching hair care and skin care products and the company has already started working on three hair care and four skin care products.


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