After Anand Mahindra it’s the turn of Mukesh Ambani to take a stake in “Epic TV”


July 8, 2013: Epic TV which is promoted by Epic Television Network led by Mahesh Samat, who was earlier the Managing Director of Walt Disney Company has attracted the interest of none other than Mr. Mukesh Ambani. Anand Mahindra has already made an investment earlier in this new media venture which is scheduled to go live mid-August. Both Mahindra and Ambani would be holding a 25.8 per cent stake in the company and would be having the financial control. Samat has got a share of 48.5 per cent in this venture.

Epic TV which would be a niche entertainment channel would be the first of its kind in India and would be beaming content related to folkfore, mythology and history. Speaking about the launch Mr. Mahesh Samat said “The idea is to be entertaining. Be episodic and build characters, actually investigate our past, create characters set in history to help us understand our history better and yet be entertaining.”According to sources both Ambani and Mahindra would be investing initially Rs.100 crores in this new venture as angel investors and Mukesh Ambani is investing in Epic TV in his personal capacity according to a statement released by Reliance.


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