Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner – is it a game changer?


In an industry marred with multi crore losses due to sky rocketing fuel prices, the Boeing 787 promises to be a game changer. This time, it’s the national carrier- Air India who’d depend big time on this next-gen flyer, the Boeing 787 to change its fortunes! Air India received its first of the 27 aircrafts booked on September 8th at the IGI Airport in Delhi.

So whats this hype about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner! Lets look at some of the features of this brand new aircraft!

  • Seating– Touching more into the economy class, Boeing suggests airliners to have 3-2-3 combination which makes it quite comfortable for that long international trip! However, it seems that, Air India, to optimize the seating will adopt a 3-3-3 combination. So economy travellers may just not get the feeling of travelling in a bigger aircraft from a seating perspective!
  • Bigger Windows– For those of you who love watching out of your windows during your flight, the Boeing 787 will be a treat for you. As studies suggest that once you get a clear view of the horizon, you feel more comfortable during your flight. And just to add to it, the cabin window classes are anti-glare!
  • Cleaner Cabin Air– With better technology, the air you breathe inside the Dreamliner, is cleaner! All Ozone, bacteria and other viruses are filtered out.
  • Mood based Lighting– Imagine, you are in a long flight to JFK, sometimes you get bored and moody with the same environment inside. Imagine that with different time periods the lighting could also change! This is what the new Dreamliner would give you, thanks to the Light emitting diodes that can offer 128 different colour combinations!
  • Air Pressure – In a standard commercial aircraft, the cabin pressure is adjusted to that of the pressure found at heights of 8000 Ft. In the dreamliner, the cabin pressure is increased to levels of 6000 ft which would make passengers less tired and cause minimal headaches due to pressure during flights.

Now these were some of the technicalities offered by the Boeing in their 787 model to offer better passenger comfort standards. As far as Air India is concerned, the flight will accommodate 256 passengers, including flying the rich in 18 full flat business class seats! We hope that this state of the art fuel efficient aircraft with better passenger safety and comfortable stands lives up to its name and helps the crippled national airliner to revive its fortunes!


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