Air Travel to cost more from July 16th


Air travel in India is all set to cost more by Rs. 225 come July 16th. This is bad news for the fliers who are already victims of turmoil happening recently in the Indian Aviation sector. Travel agents have decided to impose this service charge on fliers of full air carriers. Full air carriers like Air India and Jet Airways have brought down their commission which they pay to travel portals and agents from 3% to 1% and to make up the losses; the travel agents are all set to transfer this to the fliers so that their margins remain the same.  The other carriers who are reducing their commission are- Gulf Air from 3% to 1% and Emirates from 5% to 3%. This move might not affect the customers flying with low-cost carriers since carriers don’t give commissions; instead they give incentives based on the volume of tickets sold by the agent.


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