All is well for Male cosmetic market in India


Just think we wake up in the morning and look at ourselves. Do we look fresh, perfect and good looking! The fact is that no one of us could be so! At the end of the day we need those cosmetic angels to make us look perfect. There are no worries for the girls to make them look beautiful than they are in real! But this is not the case with the poor guys in India. They had to settle down with available girlish cosmetic products.

This was the case till King Khan took dip in a bathtub with four bollywood divas Kareena Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Sridevi and                Hema Malini in 2005. Sharukh Khan’s dip in the bathtub not only created waves in the ad world but also created a new market in India- Male Grooming. The great news is that the male cosmetic industry in India will reach Rs. 3000 crore by the end of 2016 as per Kuick research.

It was Emami group who created history by introducing Fair and Handsome fairness cream exclusively for the males. They are the pioneers in the market. They endorsed Sharukh Khan for their men’s fairness cream product line. Emami group still holds 70% market share. With the growing demand for the products and eyeing on the vast potential in 2007, HUL launched their fairness cream products for men. Over the years many international brands such as Lorea’l, Nivea entered this unexplored market.

The research report “India Male Cosmetics market- consumer insight 2012” has predicted an upward trend in the recent years for men’s cosmetics market. This is likely to grow because men are ready to spend for grooming products specifically designed for them and because of the changing perception that looking good is not the privilege only ladies can enjoy.

The report findings suggest that more than 80% of men spent an average of Rs 50 to 100 on fairness cream. They are ready to buy premium products especially available for them. It is said that the companies operating in the market will launch new products to stimulate the usage of the cosmetics products by Indian males so that they can taste a large portion of the much unexplored market.


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