Amazon uses logistics to surpass Flipkart in the Diwali sale


Amazon has emerged as the great winner during the festive season of Diwali in the country. Right on time for the shopping season, the e-commerce firm offered massive discounts, speedy delivery of order and even gold bars to attain the targeted market share.

The one month long festive season celebrations and sale started on Monday and it ends in Diwali. The first nine days of this sale is quite auspicious to make the big purchases.

As per the analysts, the e-commerce firms in the country could make around a quarter of their overall annual sales during the shopping and festival season of Diwali. The global experience, deep pockets and logistics network of the e-commerce retailer has put it in the right position. This will facilitate it to grab the customers who are inclined towards Flipkart and Snapdeal.

As per an independent brand expert as well as business analyst, Harish Bijoor, Amazon has been closing in on the market share. It has a global play experience and it is quite nifty when it comes to the delivery of the orders.

Outside its homeland United States, Amazon gets the maximum number of new customers from India. For this reason, the e-commerce retailer is making its growth in India a priority. The firm launched its operations in India in the year 2013. Also, the firm invested a minimum of $2 billion in the logistics in order to avoid being surpassed by the other local firms.

As per Alexa, the website analytics firm, the website of Amazon India was ranked the sixth most visited site locally and the 83rd most visited website globally. On the other hand, Flipkart was ranked the 5th locally and the 79th globally. Amazon grew over 18 positions in the last three months, whereas Flipkart rose only over 8 positions in the same time period.

Amazon provides swift deliveries to the shoppers letting them get their orders the next morning despite ordering at the late nights. There is a chance to win a kg of gold every day for the five days of the sale.



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