Amul builds up nostalgia through their rerun Ads


With the Doordarshan running reruns of the old popular series of Ramayana and Mahabharata, Amul began running their old ads alongside these series. The viewer getting Nostalgic about these ads got to their social media timelines with this matter.

When Doordarshan announced that they would be airing their old popular shows of Ramayana and Mahabharata due to the lockdown, the social medias started discussing about it with memes, posts and comments. Some started criticizing about it while others welcomed it and said that old shows were worth watching again.

In this commotion the Amul brand owning Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) stepped into the social media chatter. With the lockdown and the screen time at its highest than ever, companies and advertisers were looking for an opportunity to come into the spotlight. And this was such a perfect opportunity to do that. GCMMF announced that they would sponsor the shows and when the show started, they started presenting their newer ads of Amul but viewer who were deep in their younger days wanted that complete nostalgia so they reported to their social media timeline on how they preferred the older Amul ads with the show. The Amul’s marketing team got into action and gave people what they desired.

This was a brilliant way of how people involved in advertising and also how the ad made people a part of it. It was also a good opportunity for Amul, with minimum marketing cost they managed to grab people’s attention when other brands were struggling during the pandemic.

The Managing Director of GCMMF, R S Sodhi said that a brand has to be with their customers even during difficult times and this was being done in many ways. He said that they wouldn’t take advantage of their customers by raising prices. Sodhi also said that are spending more to increase their visibility at the time when most people live within their homes.

Amul is the only brand that have come up with this strategy. Many brands in 90’s have advertised between these shows earlier like Dabur, Vicco, Bajaj but none of them took the initiative said Karthik Srinivasan a communication consultant in his blog (beastofraal).


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