Android users to spend more money on apps: App Annie Report


World over the sales of Smartphones is increasing at a very faster pace and so are the application downloads. According to Gartner, iOS  has close to 17.7 per cent market share whereas Android had a mammoth 80 per cent of the smartphone market share in 2016. Reports suggest that Android devices outnumber iOS devices by about a 5-to-1 ratio worldwide. This trend is reflected in the download of apps as well where Android has more app downloads than on iOS.

According to App Annie report users of Google’s Android operating system will be spending more money on apps when compared to Apple customers. Google Android operating system customers will be spending USD41 billion on apps when compared USD 40 billion by Apple customers on iOS. App Annie projects that revenues for Google Play will be roughly similar with $21 billion in Google Play revenues and $20 billion for other offerings. For third-party Android offerings also the trend is going to be the same.

The report also says that Apple would still have the most dominant single app store. According to a report by MarketWatch Apple’s App Store clocked sales of USD34 billion in sales in 2016 and Android Apps collected USD 27 billion. Danielle Levitas, Senior Vice President of research for App Annie, was quoted as saying, “So there’s much room for movement and while this shift might happen in 2017, ultimately, we forecast the App Store remaining the most lucrative store in the next five years.”



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