Apparels and Accessories Tops Online Shopping Category: Google India


Google India study has come out with a very interesting fact that apparels and accessories are now becoming the biggest category in online shopping and hence in online shopping search. Released reports show that 84% of online shopping is made for apparels and accessories, beating the last year’s record of consumer electronics (71%). In online shopping search, consumer electronics (34 percent) leads the pack followed by apparels and accessories (30 percent).

Online shopping Trends

These days, majority of the people prefer online shopping over traditional shopping mainly due to convenience factor. Records show an increased growth of 128% in online shopping during last year. This seems a huge difference when compared with the percentage growth (in online shopping) in 2010-2011, which is only 40%. Shopping convenience, cash on delivery, variety in products, discounts and gifts, etc are some of the reasons for increased online shopping among Indian buyers. Unavailability of shopping malls/stores in majority of the towns is yet another reason for increased online purchases. Highlights of online shopping trends according to Google India study are:

Apparels and accessories – 84%

Consumer electronics — 71%

Beauty and personal care — 64 %

Books — 62 %

Household products — 61 %

Online Shopping Search Trends

At present, apparels and accessories stands  second in online shopping search with consumer electronics at first position. However, Google India claims that by 2013, the trend may turn upside down and apparels and accessories will top the chart as ‘the biggest online search category’. Online search for heath care products, baby products, etc are also supposed to increase by this year. Highlights of online shopping search trends according to Google India study are:

Consumer electronics — 34%

Apparels and accessories – 30%

Beauty and personal care — 10 %

Books — 15%

Home and Furnishing – 6%

Baby products –2%

Healthcare products –3%

Increased use of mobile Internet and 24/7 shopping chances are the reasons attributed for improved online shopping.  Prices are comparatively cheaper than traditional shopping as most of the products reach directly from manufacturer to consumer, without the intervention of a middleman.







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