Apple to produce 3 to 5 million smartwatches according to Nikkei


June 7, 2014: In continuation to the earlier reports that Apple Inc. is planning to launch smartwatches in the market, another report has surfaced that the company would be aiming to produce 3 to 5 million smartwatches a month in the initial run. This was reported by Nikkei and Apple has yet to confirm this move. A lot of activity has been seen in the wearable device segment with major companies like Google, Samsung and Apple vying for a share of the pie. These companies have also started making moves in the Internet of Things category as well. The reports are also coming out that though Apple is yet to finalize the specifications of its smartwatches, the devices would feature curved OLED displays and sensors.

Both Apple and Samsung have been developing health platforms compatible with these smartwatches. Earlier Samsung had launch Galaxy Gear 2 and it had a feature to get health updates through different apps. Apple smartwatches are also said to spot displays and sensors to collect health data. The CEO of Apple Tim Cook at the start of this year had promised “new product categories” in 2014 and the market is waiting for iPhone 6 and Apple smartwatch with waited breath. It is interesting to note that Apple has not launched any new product since last one year.



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