Apple unveils new Apple TV, iPad Pro and iPhones


The CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook launched a new Apple TV version alongside an app store and voice controlled remote. This was a part of the revamped product announcements made by the company.

As per Cook’s description, the new Apple TV is a product that is called a hobby. It is seen as the future of television that provides personalization apart from being easy to use with a price tag of $149 onwards.

The new Apple TV was launched following the big new iPad that is aimed at the enterprise users. Called the iPad Pro with a 12.9 inch display, it has an optional keyboard and Pencil stylus. In partnership with IBM and Cisco Systems Inc., the iPad Pro is claimed to have a 10 hour battery life and to be 1.8 times faster. Tim Cook also showed off the new pair of iPhones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D touch interface and many other updated aspects.

The demonstrations of the Apple TV showed the several tricks that make it easier to use the device. The digital Siri takes charge of the voice control. For instance, it can rewind a video by 15 seconds when the user asks what the person said. Also, it can turn on subtitles.

The new version of Apple TV will be listed on the iTunes app store and so developers can create new applications, video games and other software for it.

He also revealed that there was 97 percent customer satisfaction for the Apple Watch. The company is working with the French luxury goods manufacturer Hermes to design a new watch lineup. Also, Facebook Messenger will be added to the device.

While the new iPad will be priced starting from $799, the Pencil stylus is priced at $99. It is likely that the investors and consumers might not be too excited with the new iPhones. The reason being the yesteryear models, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with large displays that contributed to a 32.5 percent increase in the sales. However, comparing these new models with the iPhone 5s is a wise decision, and they are definitely better in that sense.




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