On-Time Services – Indigo Airlines


The Indian Airline Industry is quite in a tricky situation. However there is one aircraft that doesn’t seem to be bogged down by the Industry pressures. We take a look into what passengers expect from an airline and how IndiGo Airlines delivers it!

Being on time is a wonderful thing and this particular airline swears by it. Within 6 years of operation, IndiGo Airlines has made it to the top! In the month of May IndiGo captured the market share of 23.8% – the highest in its class and second to Jet Airways. What do flyers look forward to in an airline that IndiGo is delivering? Let’s find out!

Coverage – As an airline passenger, I would like to make sure that an airline of my choice has a schedule to my desired destination.  IndiGo does pretty well as it covers 32 destinations (all major cities) operating about 351 flights daily.

Ticketing Ease – Passengers who buy tickets online and especially through the company websites will look forward to a very simple process of ticketing. Unlike some airlines who make you fill out pages of information, IndiGo keeps it pretty simple and the whole process can be completed inside 5 minutes.

Web-Check in Experience – As a passenger, I wouldn’t mind doing a web-check in and if it ensures that i don’t have to wait in the check in queues – ill surely go for it. The process of web check in is again; quite simple that would make a flyer going for it the next time as well.

In-flight Experience – This is where a passenger spends most time apart from the waiting. Flyers often look forward to cleanliness, comfortable seats, good food, polite and good looking crew. And they can find all that in here with its brand new fleet of 52 A 320s, yummy food (you have to pay for!) and the hostesses in their new avatars!

On Time Arrival – Now this factor is a major deal breaker as far as airlines are concerned. IndiGo recorded a 92% on time arrival during April-May this year and that is one reason that makes flyers heading back to IndiGo!  Most of their communications spread the same message – being on time!


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