Are you ready with your Elevator Pitch??


Whether you are Microsoft owner or an ordinary salesman, nothing will cost you and in fact only benefits if you are ready with your elevator pitch. Let’s see how to draft a mind blowing elevator pitch…

Just imagine that you are in elevator and you see a man running towards elevator waving at you to stop elevator from closing. After all the hurry burry, you realize that he is the yuppie investor for you and all that you got is a minute less to impress him….

This is the idea of elevator pitch. You and your potential customer meet accidently in an elevator and will get a minute less to grab the customer’s attention and talk about your business. Elevator pitch is applicable anywhere where you will not be allowed for a long meeting to make the impression.

It is always useful to craft and polish your one-minute pitch in advance. But while drafting your pitch always keep the following points in mind:

  1. Remember you have only one minute to say.
  2. Keep it short as much possible.
  3. Think what you want the customer to remember about you.
  4. Organize your thoughts in such a way that  potential customer will be able to understand what value will you add to his business
  5. Show why you are better than others.
  6. Make clear your goals and realistic
  7. Make it interesting and ask for the deal.

That’s it…you are done with your one-minute pitch. Now when you meet your investor next time in elevator start with your amazing introduction….you will bag the deal the same day!!!


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