Are you using your digital space effectively????


Facebook, youtube, twitter, google+ and what else, pinrest!!! All have become an integral part of our life. For marketers, these names are means to build brand and sales. Social media has become a medium for the brands and marketers to communicate with their consumers directly!!! But still do that question arise in my mind……do the marketers really do take full advantage of digital space????

According to industry experts, brands do make immense profit from social network platform, but what they have to do is that they should integrate digital media with traditional advertising to create that magical bond with their audience.

As social media is becoming an obsession rather than a habit, it would be a wise move if marketers tap into this large consumer space. The level of social media usage is increasing in such a way that it can be added as one of the physiological need of human being in addition to food, shelter and clothing as per Maslow’s need hierarchy needs (couldn’t find a better way than this to explain the importance of social media platforms.)

Please note marketers, consumers are no longer observers but are creators and developers of products and services. The power of social media is enabling them to demand for customized product which can deliver them experience rather than fulfilling their needs only.

What the marketers can do is that use the social media and traditional media when and where it is appropriate. With consumers having different mediums to communicate, marketers should choose the right medium at the right time.  Why this is important is because still many creative heads use the traditional media only because they are not familiar with the technology. Marketing guys….. be aware that this is not going to work longer!!!

To be success in digital space, it is high time the marketers set separate digital marketing goals.!!!

What you think????are you using your digital space effectively???



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