#BailMeOutBK : Burger King comes up with a Free Whopper for Dead puddings and Burnt chicken


Burger King has come up with a new initiative, #BailMeOutBK , an idea conceptualized by Famous Innovations and executed by FoxyMoron…

Burger King’s new initiative, #BailMeOutBK  offers a free whopper to anyone who  has failed while cooking for themselves at home. For getting the free whopper, all one has to do is post a picture of  their failed cooking experiments along with a funny caption and tag  Burger King India.

The lockdown period has caused a rise in cooking at home, which has become one of  the largest consumer trends during this lockdown. Gaint networks – Facebook and Google have reported a significant increase in posts based on searches on cooking and conversations around. While this also has given to many a master chef, and which in turn, has also led to countless cooking disasters and failures. If someone’s cooking experiments turn into a disaster, they don’t have to worry at all because Burger King provides a free whopper for them.

Burger King features a video on youtube, where it showcases some images of failed cooking experiments and funny captions like tandoori chicken as ‘tanned chicken’, fried rice as ‘ smoked chicken’, chicken makhani as ‘chicken yuck-ani’ and bread pudding as ‘ dead pudding’.

Business Head, Tulika Rungta, Famous Innovations, mentioned, “ As more and more people are cooking at home, we are looking for a way to play a role in consumer’s lives and by doing it in a fun, ‘Burger King’ way. This campaign is launched with an aim to remind all the consumers, especially the young teenagers who may be trying their cooking experiments for the first time, even if you fail, worry not – there is always a savior for you, Burger King comes at your rescue.

Nowadays, social media is flooded with perfect posts of exotic food experiments,  but most of us don’t see the cooking disasters such as, burnt rotis, ruined pasta, and not-so-fluffed up cakes. So, this is our way of  bringing , a more authentic side of life during  lockdown, and to offer a solution involving fun and laughter.


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