Bata India introduces ‘Bata & I’ in the Indian market


July 17, 2014: Bata a respected and a well accepted brand in Indian homes is looking to occupy the minds of the younger generation. The company which has increased its turnover to Rs.2,000 crore in 2013 from Rs.1,000 crore in 2008 Bata as part of its brand extension strategy has started offering leather and non-leather items including bags, belts, sunglass and scarves. The company has also introduced a new line of umbrellas under the name ‘Bata & I’ in vibrant colours aimed at attracting the youth.

Speaking about the strategy of selling accessories, Bata India Vice-President (Marketing and Customer Services) Sumit Kumar was quoted as saying “In line with our growth strategy of expanding our consumer base, we are now adding a layer to our brand proposition — the aspirational layer — while continuing to retain our core competences.” He further added, “The catalogue has been well received by the modern day young customer, and has resulted in earning Bata new customers as well as renewing the support of its loyal customer base.”

Bata India sells million pairs of footwear annually through a network of over 1,400 stores in over 500 locations, which include metros, mini metros and small towns,.



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