Battle of the Gadgets over ebay – Who Won last year?


In my earlier write-up I mentioned the top items being bought and sold over this online marketplace. Diving a bit deeper, the focus will be on gadgets. And by gadgets, I would like stretch beyond mobile phones as well. It was a tough fight  last financial year between the Nokias , Samsungs, Cannons and Sonys of the gadget world! But who came out at the top- lets find out!

Digital Camera: Starting off with the Digital Camera Rankings, Nikon and Canon emerged as the most popular brands with about 27% of the market share each, while Sony was an outright winner in the compact category with its Sony CyberShot DSC H70. Nikon once again repeated its feat by becoming the most popular brand in the Digital SLR category.  The IT capital – Bangalore remained the top city for Digital Camera transactions followed by Delhi and Chennai!

Portal Workspace:In the portable workspace category, Apple sat high in the overall rankings, followed by Dell and the relatively new entrant iberry.  While Apple dominated in the Tablets segment with iPad 2, consumers were more interested in the tablets with 3G connectivity. Yet again, Bangalore witnessed maximum transactions in this category – this time followed by Chennai and Delhi.

Television:Moving onto Televisions, the segment has come a long way from CTVs to Plasma to LEDs and now into 3D LEDs. And to no one’s surprise, Samsung came out as the top brand in televisions with the 40” screens being most popular.  About 55% of the entire transactions were LCDs while LEDs came in second with 38% market share.  In the LCD segment top sales was garnered by Sony followed by Toshiba and then Samsung. Samsung was the top in the LED category with about 95% of the transactions to their kitty.

Mobile Devices:Lastly, in Mobiles, the top mobile and smart phone brand was Samsung with about 31% market share.  Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 had the highest sales numbers, with Delhi being the top market for mobile phones. In dual sim phones, Micromax gained the advantage because of its low cost and emerged as the top brand with Delhi again garnering maximum sales.

As technology takes newer shapes, we eagerly wait to see what this year’s results will be.


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