‘Be smart, Stay invested’: IDFC Mutual fund launches a new video jingle campaign


IDFC mutual fund which is one of the biggest Fund houses in India builds a robust network to provide its investors a very consistent value all over India. IDFC mutual fund launched a new video jingle campaign of 44 seconds that has already attracted customers with its catchy tune. So, the campaign is ‘smart Bano, invest Karo’ in Hindi and ‘Be smart, stay invested in English and this is announced as an initiative for the awareness of investors. The video with the tune insisting investors the imperativeness of investing continuously even if the situation is very unstable.

The video was created by the Minimalist, a design, digital and advisory firm based in Mumbai bringing their global thought in the making of this video. They had well executed the content and tune of the video with a good knowledge of consumer behavior in this rising pandemic situation. The campaign is aimed at targeting the main cities of India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Surat, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. Along with the targeted eight areas they also approach investors who are preparing to withdraw their investments and have doubts about their future investments.

In the press release the Sales and Marketing Head of IDFC AMC Gaurab Parija talked about the relevance of this campaign in this lockdown period. He said that they commissioned the video jingle keeping in mind that the world in lockdown period is going through a tough phase and financial markets are in market turmoil. People are struggling to maintain their normal life and most of them are confused about their investments and their future performance. So, through video jingle IDFC mutual funds want to convey people the message that investment opportunities still exist even though the market is down.

The Minimalist co-founder and director Chirag Gander told that they want to take their three-year-old healthy partnership with IDFC mutual fund to another level with this campaign to have a huge impact on the investors. They strongly believe that through this campaign they could find out the problems faced by investors and communicate to them about the solutions even though the market is down. Through this kind of active participation, they could keep up the hope and spirit of the people.


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