#BedTalks: The “most boring” campaign launched by Peps


Conceptualized with Phantom Ideas, this campaign features a series of boring topics with an aim to put people to sleep and improve the quality of sleep.

Peps recently launched its latest digital campaign, BedTalks inspired by TEDTalks, which found to the “most boring” campaign ever.

This campaign has been launched with an aim to put people to sleep. The first episode was featured starting with the tagline, “ ideas worth the snoring” and shows that video contains a curated series of ‘sleepest times with the world’s most boring talks’ based on the topic, ‘ Biodiversity of snails of forest eco-system in Brazil’.

The second episode was featured, based on the topic, ‘ Exploring the accounting history of debt contracting help you doze off into a deep state of sleep’, in the same manner, which the first video depicted.

The third episode was featured, based on the topic, ‘ Cognitive Effects of Cornflakes on Emotional Well-being and Interpersonal Health’, in a manner in which the above two episodes were depicted.

This ad has been purposefully designed to be the most boring ad ever.

Conceptualized with Phantom Ideas Pvt.Ltd, Pep’s campaign is unique and engages with its audience. When most brands try to impress or entertain audiences, Peps, an industry that has always surpassed the norms in mattresses, again takes the opposite direction by creating some most boring communicating ads ever published.

Managing Director, Peps Industries, K Madhavan said, “ Lockdown has been quite stressful for people due to anxiety – an enemy of sleep. So, as leaders of  Peps Industries in the ‘ Spring mattress category’, the company wanted to do something different to eliminate the stress caused in people. And BedTalks seems like a very disruptive way in achieving that goal to life.”

Chief Creative Officer, Robbie Anthoney, Phantom said, “ Peps intended to create an ad which is different from the usual ads showing ‘ stay home, stay safe’ campaigns during the lockdown period.  Introducing  BedTalks was a huge expandable idea, there was quite a challenge to execute it as the voiceover delivery had to succeed over video-conferencing and whole spot that was produced in spite of all hurdles they had to face during the lockdown “.


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