Blogging Tips: Turn your Blog into a Money Churning Venture


In the past decade, the concept of blog monetization has gained a lot of traction. The concept that was once a method to make money has now transformed into a full-fledged profession. The reason is there are various revenue channels that are opening up. In case you have a passion for blogging, there are many ways to start the same and develop a true earning potential. Here are some of the blogging tips

Google Adsense

As soon as you sign up for Google Adsense, you will be given ads that should be placed on your blog. Following this, it is a waiting game to check if your account has been approved. If the account is approved, you can continue receiving the ad placements and receive a steady income that might not be large.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a method of using your blog to promote or sell the product of another seller and it can be one of the highly profitable avenues. This method will convert readers into buyers successfully. The main benefit of this channel is that you need not have to deal with production, shipment, and customer care. You just need audiences that have trust on your judgment.

Product Sales

Product sales is a method of marketing your own products by means of descriptions and photos on your blog. You can allow the audience to buy items directly using your blog or redirecting the audience to an e-commerce portal that has the stock of the specific product. The blog can also be turned into a membership site so that the readers can subscribe to get personalized services.


In case your blog attracts a huge amount of traffic, you can choose to enlist the blog sponsors. The sponsorship includes selling ad space available on your blog to the merchants. This will offer a stable source of income. You can charge to host banner ads, buttons or links on a monthly or one-time basis. The sponsored content that blends seamlessly into the prevailing tone and theme of your blog, you can add to your earnings.

To find your niche of blogging, you need to write about what you actually love, bring expertise to the table, find a gap that exists in the market, be the best at what you actually do, and use the appropriate keywords.




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