BMW unveils two new prototype electric cars BMW i-3 and BMW i-8


Nov 16, 2012: BMW as part of a world tour wherein the company will be covering New York, Rome, London, Paris,Shangai, Tokyo etc. gave a small preview into the two electric car prototypes of ‘BMW-i Born Electric’ that it is developing.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]
These zero emission cars have got electric engines and have been named as BMW i3 concept and BMW i8 Concept Roadster. These electric cars are designed for city use and have got a range of 80-100 miles. i-3 will be available for customers from 2013 and i-8 which is a sports car will be available from 2014 onwards. With the launch of these cars they will become the first hybrid production vehicles in the world to be made primarily from carbon fibre.



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