Bollywood Film PK a Great Success in China


Some film makers have been eyeing the Chinese market for a long time. The maker of Aamir Khan starrer PK, Raju Hirani has reaffirmed the faith of these people in the Chinese film market as the movie collected over Rs 100 crore in the box office.

TheChina’s film market has been growing at a rate of 34 percent per year and it is expected to surpass that of the coming five years. This has been claimed by Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA).

Regarding this, Aamir Khan stated that when he went toChina, he discovered that many people have seen other films that he had starred though they have not been released in the country. It has showed how they are interest to actively for the other cultures. He claims the PK’s success to be the first Indo-Chinese co-production sinceIndiasigned the treaty. The Chinese version of the movie had Aamir Khan visually, but the voice was dubbed by Wang Baoqiang, a leading actor inChina.

In 2014,Chinaproduced over 600 films that were dominantly local. Its screen density quadrupled since the year 2010 increasing the number or 23,600. There is a vast theatrical opportunity for the films.

As per Priti Shahani, President of Junglee Pictures, the average price of the ticket of $8 has helped the Hindi films gain traction in the Chinese market.

For the film makers who have been targeting the Chinese market, it’s a cap of 22 global films per year and an additional 14 films forHollywood. As of now, only five Indian movies have been released in the Chinese market.

The CEO of Fox Star, Vijay Singh released My Name is Khan a few years back inChina. He said that the performance of PK has shown that good Bollywood content has a scope in the Chinese market.

A key element that made PK a great success inChinawas the tailoring of the content to suit the sensibilities of the Chinese audience. The PK trailer was reworked and the film maker Hirani made a version that was appealing to the Chinese viewers.



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