Cadbury to come out with Chocolates that don’t melt in hot weather


Dec 8, 2012: In a major breakthrough that will change the way chocolates are kept in a solid form even during hot weather, Cadbury which was acquired by Kraft Foods in 2011 has come out with a method wherein Chocolates won’t melt even when it is exposed to 40 degree Celsius for more than three hours.
The standard chocolates generally melt at 93F but the new secret technology reported called as ‘conching step’ and has got an 8000 word patent will help the new Cadbury Chocolates not to melt at 104F. This breakthrough which was done in Bourneville is being termed as revolutionary in nature and is said to completely redefine the way chocolate packaging is done in the future particularly in countries with warm climates and economically backward countries where there are frequent temperature fluctuations.


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