Cafe Coffee Day launches first ever TVC, comes out with ‘Sit Down’ commercial


Dec 13, 2012: Cafe Coffee Day India’s largest cafe brand has launched its first ever TVC and come out with its ‘Sit Down’ commercial. This is the first time that Cafe Coffee Day has come out with a commercial in last 16 years. The TVC shot on the idea that there is too much of standing up on all issues and non issues happening and instead of that we should sit down and look for solutions. Creativeland Asia is the agency behind the campaign and it has been shot by Equinox films. Cafe Coffee Day has been gearing up for competition from Starbucks the world’s largest cafe brand which has been recently spreading aggressively in India and industry experts do feel that a TVC from Cafe Coffee Day is to take on Starbucks. The TVC ‘Sit Down’ will be supported by social media campaign and there are plans to create a Wikipedia page on ‘sidownism’. A blog is also planned to be started where people would be sharing their ‘sit down’ moments. It needs to be seen if this TVC really takes on some path breaking advertisements like the recent ‘Honey Bunny’ campaign unleashed by Idea.

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