Case in Branding- Reebok gearing to Ree-build and Ree-energize Adidas’ faith


Physical fitness is something of great importance to Mark O’ Toole, the Chief Marketing Officer of Reebok. This 50-year old man is being seen scaling volcanoes and mountains and he uses the active fitness routine in his professional life too. He is now gearing up to rebuild Reebok which saw a decline in sales and getting embroiled in a multicrore, scam in India.

The year 2012 ended in a bad note for Reebok and Mark O’ Toole had a tough time with the company’s sales dipping on one side and a dirty scam on the other side. Rs. 876 crore worth frauds was something the company faced last year in its India operations. The company also suffered a loss of National Football League Contract last year in America. Scams and dipping sales made Reebok lower down its expectations for 2015 by a third.

The group company Adidas, however, maintained its forecast for 2015 at Euro 17 billion. O’Toole is now too busy to think of the targets while trying to rebuild Reebok. As a Chief Marketing Officer O’Toole also had his good times when three of Reebok’s popular lines ReeFlex, ReeZig and Easy Tone brought huge success.

Reebok is now undergoing a transition from a silo to solo sale proposition and it is time to take a look at that.  The company is now reviving its evolution curve of how it promoted athletes and idiolized them.  To its realization, the company saw only a heavy increase in fan base for its athletes.  The company then shifted its focus to get people moving and the idea energized well with the employees of Reebok.

Reebok is now committed to restructuring itself inside out and create a better clarity and voice for the brand. There are now six divisions carved out within the company to serve the purpose.  Teams are specifically appointed to make shoes and apparels for dancers, walking etc. The aim of the company is to encompass every single strand of fitness so that the customers identify the activities they really do to keep themselves fit. Reorganizing these activities and introducing new products are now Mark O’Toole’s mantra for rebuilding the brand.




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