Case Study: Ford India aims for brand transformation


Ford India has big aims as it wants to become the third largest car manufacturer in the market. Nigel Harris, the Managing Director of the company’s Indian unit stated that this is their aspiration. Right now, Ford is going through a product led transformation and it is getting its ecosystem in the right place to achieve the target.

Lately, Ford India confirmed that it will be launching the iconic model Mustang in the second quarter of this year. They are going through a brand transformation right now. The products that are in the Ford showrooms now were not in their showroom in the early last year. The brand transformation begins with products, and being an iconic vehicle, Mustang will be the cherry on the top. The company is changing its way to treat its customers and it is also changing its pricing on parts to make sure it is competitive. Also, the maker will ensure that the parts are readily accessible.

With a wide product portfolio including Endeavour, Figo, and Aspire, Ford is sure to experience a change this year by luring customers of different requirements and choices. Figo and Aspire are all set to meet the expectation of Ford, but they are not there. These models are building each month and these are getting strong gradually. Notably, the Figo and Aspire were outshined by the massive marketing campaigns held by Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki S Cross. Ford India is aiming for a profitable growth and so it is balancing on advertising and marketing spends.

The vendor plans to become the third largest car maker in the market by getting over 3 percent market share and being relevant in the market. The fresh product portfolio has helped the company grow by 40 percent in the last four months of 2015 in comparison to the same period in 2014.

We need to wait to see if the company’s iconic model Mustang will create a huge stir in the market despite its price tag. Given that the company is not spending as much as the other vendors such as Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai on marketing, we need to know if it can come to the third position with the existing level of marketing. The manufacturer is aiming to achieve the third position in the country, but it is not sure it is the rightful position for Ford India.


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