Case Study on Branding- Rechristening Cadbury India as Mondelez invites trouble


The iconic chocolates and confectionary brand of India, Cadbury is likely to be renamed, and this has brought with it a brand squatter. Pronounced differently, the word Mondelez sounds like a crude Russian word and there are hints that the prestigious Indian brand may be called Mondelez India.

Cadbury India became a part of Krafts Foods in 2010 with the latter acquiring Cadbury’s worldwide operations for a whopping $19 billion. The company went on to split its business and called its snack business Mondelez. The issue now is about the company rechristening Cadbury with Mondelez.

Mondelez India, a Delhi-based company already exists in the name, and a case is filed against Mondelez International using the same identity to launch its business in India.  Mondelez India was registered even before Krafts Foods spun off into Mondelez.  Cadbury India said that the company is seeking legal advice into the matter which is making a careful move in shifting its identity.

Cadbury India is India’s prestige and the brand has a strong fan following. The company has a strong hold in the Indian market both with its quality products and ad-campaigns. There is hardly anyone who forgets “Subh Aarambh” of Cadbury Diary Milk, the most sought chocolate brand in India.  Cadbury Diary Milk will become Mondelez Diary Milk anytime from now and ripples of unhappiness are spreading widely with regard to Cadbury being rechristened.  A strong identity crisis is expected with this name shift.

The Delhi- based company is confident of challenging any move by the international company to use the brand name in India. On the other hand, Mondelez International already has a company registered under the name Mondelez Foods in India. However, the company does not use the tag to sell its products. Mondelez International derives 45 % of its profit from the developing markets, and now, the company plans to penetrate, into the Indian market, to promote chocolates. Unemotionally, a change in corporate identity is not anything untoward but with the word Cadbury occupying a special place in every Indian heart it is certainly going to cause pain.

Will chocolate and confectionary major be able to change the name from Cadbury to Mondelez? Will that really help the company when Cadbury is already an established brand since decades? All these are the questions which are coming in everybody’s mind and it remains to be seen how Mondelez International face this issue and come out with a solution.





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