Case Study: Patanjali brand a strong contender in the consumer goods space !


Patanjali brand from Baba Ramdev has over 350 products from biscuits to noodles and shampoo to toothpaste. The brand is giving a reason for the consumer goods to take stock. They have recognized that Patanjali cannot be dismissed as a quirk of the baba, and the brand is growing into a contender in the segment of consumer goods at a fast pace.

Why Patanjali is a Competitor for other Brands?

Patanjali is becoming a stiff competitor for the other consumer goods brands that are well established in the country. The reason is the harbinger of an all new wave of homegrown brands. The success of this brand shows the future of ayurvedic consumption in the country. There are many such products that are to hit the stores in the future as the acceptance to these products will lead to extension. In fact, not only the mass consumers, but also affluent ones are purchasing these products. The advantage that it has is the ayurvedia philosophy that is not limited to just one product.

How Patanjali is Considered by Other Brands?

The managing director of Britannia, Varun Berry states that he has personally analyzed the biscuits of Patanjali. He stated that the brand has the potential to succeed in the categories including ghee, honey, and chyawanprash. Also, Sunil Duggal, the CEO of Dabur said that it is a disruptive force. Devendra Chawla, the President of Future Group food and FMCG has taken a tour of the Patanjali Food Park located in Hardwar to get a better understanding of its business. A personal care firm’s head stated that his parents use a product of Patanjali and not its equivalent that his brand makes.

Patanjali’s Retail

Patanjali and Future Group signed a deal in October this year to get entry into the departmental stores of the latter. Moreover, Baba Ramdev has assured to set up Patanjali mega marts across the cities to sell its products exclusively.

Advertising and Promotions

Patanjali has roped in actor Hema Malini to promote its biscuits. Also, the visibility on the mainstream television channels has increased. As per BARC, the brand is one of the three most advertised brands on TV in the last month.

The company is aiming to witness Rs 5,000 crore sales by the end of the current fiscal year. How Patanjali expands its brand presence across India in future would be very interesting especially when they are bringing out Patanjali Noodles especially after the Maggi Noodles row.


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