Case Study: Tata Motors focuses on women customers


The largest automobile company, Tata Motors, is transforming its cars to make them suitable for women as they make up to 17 percent of the customer base. A spokesperson stated that the attitude of gears is shifting towards women in the automotive marketing world as they represent a huge opportunity in this specific industry.

The spokesperson added that they started noticing a change in the customer profile, especially with Nano. In the fiscal 2010-11, 14 percent of the owners of the car were women. The number escalated to 23 percent in the fiscal that ended in March 2016. The company feels this is due to the GenX Nano’s features such as power steering, automated manual transmission, color themes and a music system for women.

A report by Frost & Sullivan says women preferred small vehicles. But they also gave importance to spaciousness, quality of materials, design, safety, sustainability, and color. Women prefer smart cars and any company that feels the need to connect with the women customers should focus on the style quotient and ease of driving, stated partner PwC India, Abdul Majeed.

The Frost & Suvillan study that was released in 2014 found that the number of women driving license owners has tipped the balance in the U.S. reaching 51 percent. Canada and the U.K. are to follow this year.

In fact, cars such as Land Rover Evoque that is endorsed by Victoria Beckham have more female customers than men. Even Fiat 500 is quite popular among women drivers. The spokesperson added that their new cars such as Bolt and Zest have found acceptance among the women audiences. The new Tiago that is a compact hatchback has a set 22 intelligent utility spaces. Even its boot space has been designed with hooks to hold the shopping bags by weight. The car provides a multi-drive mode.

The company is targeting women by placing ads in lifestyle magazines like Elle, Femina, Grazia, and Cosmopolitan. It has also teamed up with Cartoon Network using the Ben 10 character to target the mothers.

Tata Motors is also planning to initiate driver training programs and it will employ women drivers who will train females in driving.




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