Center Fresh communicates ‘endless’ freshness with innovation


Perfetti Van Melle has come up with a new ad campaign for Center Fresh Endless that is an innovation made by Center Fresh, the firm’s flagship chewing gum brand. To communicate the endless freshness of this innovative chewing gum, Center Fresh Endless has included three TV commercials (TVC) that are conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather. This ad campaign is currently on-air for the audience to know about the new brand.

The first ad film in the new campaign shows an Arab attempting to climb on a camel in a dessert. Every time he tries to sit on the camel, he falls off. This keeps on repeating, and the camel laughs.

The second film features a groom who tries to lift his newly wed wife’s ghoonghat (veil). Every time he flicks it, his hair drops down on his eyes. When it comes to the third one, a couple of colleagues passing through office doorway try making way for one another, but they rather end up blocking their way.

All the three ad films feature the same voiceover at the end of the ad firm says, ‘Yeh Mazaa chalta hi rahega, jaise naya Center Fresh Endless’ that translates to ‘This bit of fun will continue, just like the freshness in the new Center Fresh.’


Regarding the ad film campaign for Center Fresh Endless, Nikhil Sharma, Director of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle claimed, long lasting freshness is highly beneficial in the gums category. The R&D developed this chewing gum brand that will render long lasting freshness than the other gums in the market. It is believed by the firm that the Center Fresh Endless will open a new segment for consumption in the chewing gum market.

Also, Anurag Agnihotri, ECD, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Gurgaon claimed that the idea behind this ad film is to show how some situations in life can be very funny if they were to repeat continuously without an end. This fun is compared to the long lasting freshness that the latest product will offer.

Center Fresh Endless

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