Cloud Services Market in India – Gartner Study


Gartner a reputed global research and advisory company have predicted a huge growth for cloud service market in India. This is good news for tech companies who offer such services or have their software based on cloud services. Globally, the revenue from cloud services will be over $100 Bn this year as per the study. So how big is the opportunity in India?

In India, the cloud market is expected to cross $ 320 Million by the end of this year which is about 30% up from last year’s figures. Now cloud computing provides a host of advantages to business houses, primarily allowing them to use the software applications and related services without the need of setting up an entire IT infrastructure. As marketers are increasingly using more technology, they will surely benefit from cloud services

Cloud computing enables the growth of various models such as the Software as a Service ( SaaS) – which is expected to grow to about $ 115.6 Million, the Business Process as a Service ( BPaaS) which is expected to $ 112 Million. Additionally, the application infrastructure services or the Platform as a Services ( PaaS) model also will witness a growth but in smaller numbers to the tune of $15 Million in India.

The report expects about 80% of the spending from North America and Europe, particularly the western part. Also, apart from India, China and Indonesia are expected to be major beneficiaries of the cloud computing growth.  For the service providers the key to growth will be to address the needs of both matured and growing markets.  In India, from the demand side, the major segments that can use these services are healthcare, education provides, the government organizations and a host of small and medium enterprises!


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