Coca-Cola cornered for Environmental Issues


Coca-Cola has changed its gameplay. The company that brews the most recognizable beverage brand in the world has come up with a new marketing approach. It is one of the big brands at the front of the Make In India movement of the NDA government. Lately, the company came up with Fanta Green Mango with fruit juice for 10.4 percent as the prime minister asked the multinationals to use the locally produced fruit based drinks in order to help the Indian farmers.

In the last week, Coca-Cola announced that it wants to make Maaza the largest selling mango juice drink in the country. It also aims to make Maaza the first billion dollar juice drink brand in the world by the year 2023. The company is in plans to grow the fortunes and enhance the fate of the farmers as it gets Maaza membership in the club of billion dollar juice brand. Coca-Cola will obtain mango pulp of 1.4 lakh metric tones from the Indian farmers, as per the company’s projections.

Despite its good efforts and intentions, Coca-Cola is case as the Evil Corp due to the health, social, and environment impact of the Big Soda companies accused for the obesity epidemic in America. In India, beverage giants such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and others are blamed for sucking the earth dry as the ground water levels are sinking fast around the bottling plants of Coca-Cola.

Earlier this month, three production plants of Coca-Cola stopped production due to inadequate demand. However, IRC (India Resource Center), the activist body alleges that one of the main reasons for closing these production plants is due to water depletion.

Venkatesh Kini, the President of Coca-Cola in India and South West Asia stated that though they are not perfect, the company is taking the environmental issues seriously. He added that they are dedicated to reduce their environmental impact.



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