Coca-Cola to launch juice with fizz drink next week


Coca-Cola, the beverage giant is all set to introduce a new drink that is a juice with fizz. It has been geared up to launch this product for over a year after Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister had asked the global cola giants to add fruit juices to their cola beverages in order to help the Indian farmers increase their fruit sales.

Coca-Cola India will launch its latest innovation that is a juice with fizz product during February 13 to 18 at the Make in India Week in Mumbai. This product idea is rooted in the vision of the Prime Minister for the food processing industry and the role that cola giants and their beverages can play in reducing the fruit wastage that will be beneficial to the Indian farmers.

In September 2014, the Prime Minister asked the multinational cola companies such as Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to help the Indian farmers increase their fruit sales. This can be done if they add fresh fruit juices to the fizzy drinks that they make.

Modi stated that millions of people consume Coke and Pepsi, and if these companies add five percent of the natural fruit juice in their products, it will help the farmers make more money instead of throwing their fruits away.

Coca-Cola stated that its new product is a formulation that comprises of 10.4 percent juice concentrate that is produced from the Indian farms and pulp processors. The company stated that the launch of this new product will give a sense of satisfaction to them as it was a vital R&D challenge.

The juice with fizz product formulation involves challenge related to the product’s stability and preservation. It needs great level of microbiological stability and safety as well. Moreover, most fruits that are grown in India are meant for table use and not for processing. This is also one reason for the low fruit processing that is carried out in the country.





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