Coca Cola, Patanjali adopt regional language marketing


A report by Mindshift Interactive, a social media research agency reveals that a variety of brands are attempting to engage the social media users in regional languages. This is an organic engagement that is relatively higher for local content.

The brands such as Patanjali and Coca-Cola have been active in marketing through the regional languages on the social media platforms. As per the report, the count of local language users will increase to 42 percent by the end of this year and they will account to 180 million. Notably, the overall active internet users account to 328 million.

Facebook is the most preferred platform for the brands to engage the users through regional content, but the others are also picking up fast.

The CEO of MindShift Interactive, Zafar Rais stated that this is their second report. They came up with the first one in 2014. At that time, the concept of regional marketing was evolving and brands started adopting regional language marketing. Now, many brands have started the same. In 2014, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter were the main platforms, but now many others have come up and the existing ones starting supporting more languages.

Almost 60 percent users are engaging in regional language marketing, he added. Around 41 percent of the population in India speaks Hindi that is followed by Bengali and Telugu.

The report revealed that 60 percent of the users in the urban India access the online content in Hindi and it is followed by Tamil and Marathi. The highest usage of regional language adoption takes place on Facebook.

Patanjali and other such brands are competing with P&G and HUL companies to explore the uncharted territories. They are posting content in Hindi on the social media websites Twitter and Facebook and they have seen higher engagement.

In fact, a social media platform called Mooshak has been launched in Hindi and it has 60,000 users.



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