Cocodaily, Coconut and Sunflower Oil Blend All Set for Launch


The coconut oil manufacturers recently are taking several efforts to resolve the problems associated with the adulteration of coconut oil and also for product enhancement. The leading coconut oil manufacturer KLF Nirmal is foraying into the market with Cocodaily that consists of 20 percent of coconut oil and 80 percent of sunflower oil. This will address the shortage of coconuts that has led to an increasing demand rising the coconut oil pricing to almost 100 percent in a couple of years. This is the prime reason for the erosion of the branded coconut oil in the place of palm oil and sunflower oil.

The main concern that results in worry of the coconut oil manufacturers is that the sale of adulterated coconut oil that is cheaper in price. The components used in the adulteration of coconut oil are palm kernel oil and paraffin oil. Such adulterated coconut oil is priced 20 percent below the cost of branded coconut oil.

Regarding this, KLF Nirmal’s Managing Director, Paul Francis stated that the firm’s new product that involves a mix of coconut oil and sunflower oil is priced at Rs 145 per litre while the pricing of the regular coconut oil is Rs 177 per litre. He added that this blend will give a cheaper and much healthier option to the customers who are planning to buy adulterated coconut oil.

The coconut oil manufacturing firm’s Managing Director claimed that their new product combines the benefits of both coconut oil and sunflower oil will retain the smell and taste of the former. It is also stated that this product is the first one in the country to be introduced as a coconut oil blend. It was also claimed that unlike the 100 percent pure coconut oil this will not solidify at cold temperatures.

KLF Nirmal is aiming to sell the blended coconut oil and sunflower oil product will go on sale in Karnataka, Gulf and Tamil Nadu markets other than Kerala.




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