Coke to Launch Fruit Juice Based Aerated Drink Next Summer


Couple of months back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted cola companies to add fruit juice in their carbonated beverages. It appears like Coca-Cola has taken it seriously and come forward to take the first step. The firm has already debuted working on such a beverage. According to sources familiar with the development of the drink, the company is planning to launch it in the market by next summer.

They said that the new drink that is yet to be announced is developed completely inIndia. One of them has clearly mentioned that numerous variants are being researched on a priority basis. Coca-Cola is in a desire to launch the fruit based drink before the next season. However, the firm declined to comment regarding the same.

The Prime Minister urged the cola makers such as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola to blend their fizzy beverages with fruit juices that are sourced from local farmers. This was insisted while inaugurating the Future Group managedIndiaFoodParkheld on September 24 in Tumkur, Karnataka.

At the announcement, Modi claimed that the cola business is making billions of rupees and if they can blend just 5 percent of natural fruit juice in those beverages they manufacture it will eliminate the necessity of farmers producing the fruits to look out for markets to sell them.

Following this, Coca-Cola has began working on the new beverage after the PM’s speech, claimed one of the sources. However, what remains unclear is if this new product will be an extension of Coca-Cola’s existing flavored fizzy drink brands like Fanta or an all new brand. Whatever it is, this new one will be first ever fruit juice based aerated drink inIndiafrom the stable of theUSbeverages giant. However, changing the formulation of existing brands is impossible and Coca-Cola is claimed to be working on a new product only.

Coca-Cola is already selling caffeine free citrus based calorie free carbonated soft drink dubbed Fresca in theUSand select European markets in peach and black cherry flavors. It also sells a zero calorie fruit flavored sparkling water called Glaceau Fruitwater in US, but it does not contain fruit juice.




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