Companies innovate products to cater to consumers’ demand


With time, the habits change easily. Today’s consumers are in need of achieving the desired results in a shorter duration. Understanding the same, the marketers innovate their products and services in order to cater to such buyers.

The consumers are multitasking using mobile applications such as hailing cabs and buying groceries. Even food is getting delivered and household tasks are done by outsourcing within a very short time period. The consumption pattern has been shifted and this is evident by the increase in the sale of the on-the-go juice packs instead of the large in-home juice packs. Even the salons are beating the new express services that are aims to cut down the time that is required for a particular grooming procedure such as mani-pedi, facial and hair color. This is done to cater to the busy consumers. Eventually, a consumer who spent 40 minutes for hair coloring earlier will not spend just 10 minutes for the same.

Pushkaraj Shenai, the CEO of Lakme Lever stated that the time is the new currency. He claimed that the customers are eager in getting a great experience without compromising the results. They have introduced beauty and hair solutions that provide substantial results in a less time.

The convenience the prime factor that drives the consumption behavior and this contributes to almost 60 percent of Bigbasket’s orders. The application is browsed by 65 percent of the customers of the online grocery retailer.

Vipul Parekh, the co-founder of Bigbasket stated that the natural shift towards the mobile shopping points that the customers demand superior products as well as service conveniently. Convenience also means time-saving, claimed Parekh.

Also, the internal analytics of Bigbasket shows that there is a gradual decrease in the time spent by the consumers on its app and website before purchasing on an average basis.




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