Companies Look For Numerous Ways to Engage Consumers


For start-ups, a website is very important as it usually is a platform to attract potential buyers. The consumers use such websites to drop in feedback regarding the products and services so that the companies can tweak their offerings.

For instance, Zomato that is restaurant listing startup has a global contest called ‘blog us your feedback’ and the most legitimate entry will receive goodie bag, whereas the most critical feedback will get an iPhone 6. The firm discusses about its work culture, employees life at Zomato, pizza shortage across the globe and other concepts on its website.

Regarding this, Namita Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Zomato stated that the firm is re-evaluating the end to end user experience and design the key pages every few months in order to ensure that they keep themselves fresh for their consumers. She added that using Zomato should let the users feel like they are interacting to those people behind it and not with a mobile app or website. Few months back, Zomato announced a theme based city listing dubbed Collections and details such as pet friendly restaurants.

Even e-commerce companies are coming up with ways to keep their consumers hooked on to their websites. The managing director of Bold Kin, Abhishek Agarwal, a firm that provides solutions to entrepreneurs and startups created a knowledge base of tea related articles that would assist a startup of tea sellers. This helped the firm to rope in writers to discuss the various types of tea and infusers that should be used with tea and other topics.

Also, taxi service provider, Taxi For Sure that caters to the young consumers and large population came up with new changes. The cab icons are replaced in relation to the festive season. For instance, during Ganesha Chaturthi, the icon was a mice and it would be different during Christmas.

Furthermore, the blogs on the website thatdiscuss the haunted places to visit in a city. Also, there are humorous articles and odd questions that are asked by customers to the taxi drivers. This creates an engaging platform for the consumers with the firm.







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