Consider it Sold! – Common Sales Techniques that never fail!


“This shirt that you chose looks great on you Sir!

“ This is the last piece we have at this range, we only have higher ranged goods now!”

“ This is a limited offer watch, you may not get this next week!”

Do all these sound familiar? How often have you heard these while shopping? Sales guys now know what to say and strike the right cord to eventually make a sale – to make those casual walkins to buy your product. There’s plenty to learn from them. These techniques when applied never make the potential buyer realize that he is actually getting closer to buying the product.

A very common sales technique is that of talking sweet.  Flattering your potential customer has a very high chance of leading to a sale. As a customer, I would like to be told that whatever choices I make are good. And sales guys know this and acknowledge your choice. The first line of this article gives you an idea on what sales guys speak and validate your choices.

Secondly, sales guys often give an impression that there is a shortage of the product and the one that you’re holding is the last piece. Well, don’t we just love these guys! Anyways, to everyone’s surprise, this works! Now this works best with customers who are almost there at the end of the buying process and need that little push to go over the other side.

The next sales technique has an element of pricing as well. You’ll find this quite common in the unorganized retail sector and some outlets in the organized sector as well. Your find yourself a pair of trousers – a bit over priced and the good sales guy comes up  to you and offers you a nice 20% discount. Now do you like your trousers better? Well, has the sales guy lost out here? We say no! The prices have already been jacked up by 20% which means offering a 20% discount only brings it back to its original price!

As humans, we also believe in giving back. Sales guys will spend hours just to show you the right product for you and seeing their efforts, you just can’t say NO! And end of the day a sale is made! Well these were some of the techniques used by plenty of sales guys which work to their advantage. Have you faced a similar situation?


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